Selling By Owner? You’ll NET Less $ – Here’s Why:

Selling By Owner? You'll NET Less $

So you have decided to move. The first thing you must do Is sell your current home in order to purchase a different one.

You know that rarely does print advertising sell a home. Less than 7 % of homes advertised in the newspaper sell from that ad.

You have seen the online sites like Zillow and Trulia, now allowing For Sale By Owner
(hereafter referred to as FSBO). So you think “Hey, how hard can this be?”

You list the home and take a few pictures, throw it on there and see what happens.

Think As If You Were A Buyer

Have you ever thought about it from a Buyers point of view?

What is the single GREATEST advantage of selling the home yourself and not using a professional Realtor?

Saving the commission, right?

What is the single GREATEST advantage to a buyer buying a home directly from an owner?

Saving the commission, HUH?

You never thought about that? Oh yes, that is what they know when they see a FSBO. They will be able to buy the home below the value. WAY below the value.

In fact it has been documented for years that a FSBO sells their home on average for around 15% less than if they had used a professional Realtor. And you thought the commission was expensive…

Attract Serious Buyers

Realtors have the serious buyers. Prequalified, ready to buy clients. Buyers who have been educated on the real value of your home, through distribution of FACTUAL data on previous sales like yours. Buyers who are on a timeline and look with agents because they have easy access to most of the homes offered for sale at the click of a button. Buyers who have the best chance of a successful closing on your home.

What does that leave for you, the FSBO?

Bargain Hunters who avoid real estate listings because they want to save big money. Casual Lookers , bless them, can’t afford to buy or don’t want to buy, but they sure enjoy looking at homes for a pastime. And also Unqualified Buyers, those who ask to rent the home, or if you will sell it on contract.

Show Your Home Yourself At Your Own Risk

What about showing it yourself, you know the house better than anyone. But we all have a tendency to say too much and while you are getting friendly with your adversary
(no you are not on the same page as they want to buy as cheaply as possible and you want to sell for as much money as possible) you might let it slip that you need to be moved in 90 days, or that you are selling to settle an estate, etc. Which only gives that buyer more bargaining power and takes away yours…

A Better Way To Sell

We at Marksberry Real Estate, LLC know that you want to NET the MOST money from the sale of your home. That is why we use a unique marketing plan,

This plan has your home appraised, measured, and inspected for any problems at the start of your listing. Most of these homes under this program sell within 30 days of listing. That is 3 months UNDER the current MLS days on the market.

So you can rest assured you are getting the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least inconvenience to you.

Isn’t that what you really want?


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