Do You Have Questions About My Flat Rate Fee Program?

Flat Rate Fee

I’ve had a lot of questions about my exclusive Flat Rate Fee listing program.  Here are the common ones:

  • Why did I do it?
  • Will the houses sell?
  • Are there any other fees to selling agents?  
  • Will other Realtors show the house?

The Why:

I developed this program after several months of pondering and launched the program with my first listing in February 2017

I was looking for a way to improve my service to my clients, save them money, and get their houses sold.

The goal was to provide them a fair fee to list, market, and sell their home on MLS , while not discounting any of my services. I felt I would be satisfied with working on a structure similar to consulting.

The first home with this program went under contract within 48 hours and obtained a back up contract! I knew then I had discovered a great way to market and sell real estate ,completely untried up to this point!

The Other Guys Do Flat Fee Wrong

Other types of flat fee listings charge you a fee to put the home on the market, and then YOU do all the work! Such as :

You have to take all the phone calls yourself – can you tell the serious buyers from the merely curious?

You show your home to strangers yourself- do you know if they are even qualified to buy? Or worse, have other intentions for getting inside of your home?

You set up all of the appointments with the real estate agents wanting to show your home- what if you are at work when they try to call?

And after doing all this work, you still have to pay a percentage fee (sometimes as high as 3%!) to any agent who sells it, unless you get lucky and find your own buyer.

My Flat Rate Fee Is Different

My flat rate fee program does all the work- all you do is show up for the closing!  Your listing package includes listing the home on MLS, which will then be picked up by 3rd party companies such as Zillow,, Trulia and all the local real estate companies’ websites!  I also provide you with an exclusive narrated video showcasing your home as a 24/7 open house! Of course, you get professional photos, a yard sign with and ‘Instant Info’ text message service, and full access to your listing by all local Realtors!

The best part is- you know exactly what your fee will be upfront, no matter what your sales price you get for your house.

The Flat Rate Fee helps you to better plan for the EXTRA EQUITY that YOU get to KEEP when the house sells. That translates into MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

I’m A Trendsetter

I’ve always tried to stay ahead of trends, beginning when I did videos of my listings back in September 2006. This was even before YouTube.  I came up with the video concept with my husband who is a computer guru. We searched the web and could not find any realtors doing videos of their listings so I thought it would be a great way to showcase the houses!  We have had thousands of views of our videos over the years – buyers and sellers alike love them, and I am still the only Realtor in our area doing real, narrated videos of every property!

More Questions?  I’ve Got Answers

Why did I develop the Flat Rate Fee?  – Simple: To save you a TON of money!

Will the houses sell?  –Absolutely – the ARE selling!  This program is proven to work.

Is there any additional commission paid to the selling agent?  – No! All commissions are paid in full from your agreed upon Flat Rate Fee!

Will other Realtors show the house?  – Yes they will – because they do!  And they have sold them. Lots of them… Most of our Flat Rate Fee listings have been sold by other agents!

One of the keys to getting showings on ANY home is Price and Condition. The homes I list will be in pristine condition and competitively priced based upon my recommendation. I was an appraiser for 15 years and rely upon my past appraisal experience to help you arrive at your asking price. Realtors WILL be asked to show these homes by their clients!

I want to show you how my new, innovative program can work for you and put MORE money in your pocket!  Call me if you have any further questions!

Remember, I’m gonna save you a TON of money!

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