Certified. Hassle Free

Sell Your House Fast With Less Hassle!

What Is It?

It’s a new way to sell. You provide peace of mind to your buyers under this program, because under this plan the main bottlenecks to selling are done..up front:

  • Certified Appraisal: Done
  • Licensed Inspection: Done
  • Title Work: Done
  • Pest Inspection: Done
  • Insurance Quote: Done
  • One Year Warranty Guaranteed

Does It Work?

Yes, we have proven results! Most contracts fall through due to problems found during the Home Inspections and Appraisal process, as Buyers become leery of the whole process. When these items are taken care of UP FRONT, that ELIMINATES most problems and more closings will occur in a timely, profitable manner. Certified. Hassle Free. is a choice, we also provide standard listing plans. We have proven this exclusive program will insure the sell of your home, quickly, with the least inconvenience to you and for the highest possible price!

How Do I Get Started?

Just give us a call at (270) 683-6830 or send us an email – we can sit down with you and explain the entire process.  We’ll show you how you can sell your home faster, with less stress and for top dollar.  Yes, it’s new, it’s different and it works!  At Marksberry Real Estate, LLC, we pride ourselves in being the most innovative real estate marketers in town – and this program is just another example!  We don’t say this just to impress you; we are saying it because we have a proven track records of results with this exciting and innovative program.  Contact us today for more details.


Benefits To Sellers

  • Home professionally appraised and measured upon listing, eliminates overpriced homes that sit on the market.
  • Home Inspection performed upon listing to insure no issues come up to intimidate buyers and to insure peace of mind.
  • Title Work performed upon listing for a faster closing once an offer is received.
  • Home Warranty offered to attract and promote confidence in your property.
  • $500.00 Cash Back Client Reward Program if we represent you in both buying and selling.
  • Open House 24/7 to any buyer prospects or their agent with our Exclusive Video Tours!
  • Peace Of Mind With A Fast, No-Hassle Transaction.

Benefits To Buyers

  • $500.00 cash back
  • Client reward program if we represent you in both buying and selling.
  • Shop for Best Deal on your Home Owners Insurance, over 18 companies checked!
  • FREE Home Inspection by licensed Home Inspector and any major repairs found have been repaired or replaced.
  • FREE Pest Inspection.
  • FREE One year Home Warranty.
  • FREE Title Inspection.
  • Confidence In Transaction.
  • Speedy, Hassle-Free Closing
  • Less Stress, High Satisfaction

Call Us Today For Details On This Exciting And Revolutionary Program! (270) 683-6830

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