Accentuate The Positive When You Can’t Eliminate The Negative

Accentuate The Positive!

OR… Fix the things you CAN to offset the things you CAN’T!

There are many things that can keep a home from selling that are beyond your control.

For example, your home could be located in a flood zone, requiring extra flood insurance every year in addition to regular hazard insurance.

Or you could have an an usual floor plan. If you have an older home, one may have to walk through a bedroom to get to another bedroom!

Your home could have even been transplanted to the current lot it sits upon and not stick built on that site! Unless you have a manufactured home, this is not typical and can give buyers pause…

These are all items that could scare away a potential buyer.

So what’s a good seller to do?

Accentuate The Positive!

First start with your front entrance! Most of us use our garage door, back door, or side door to get into our home and never go to our own front door.

However most realtors take buyers through your front door and that is their first impression of your home! Walk around to the front door of your home. Do you see dirt, debris, and cobwebs? Does that make you feel welcome and feel like you’re entering a well maintained home? Probably not.

Also paint the front door a cheerful color with the help of your agent or someone who has experience in this field. The right color can help your house have curb appeal, the wrong color can turn off the buyers to the point they may never set an appointment to see the inside!

Even if you already have the perfect color on your front door, chances are it could use a touch up or fresh coat of paint!

Open Things Up

Open up the floor space you have! No matter the size of your rooms ,you can always make them look larger by decluttering and using minimum pieces of furniture in every room!

Furniture placement is also important and your realtor should be able to help you with this.

Rent a storage space if you must to take control over this deal breaker!

Keep Everything Clean

Keep your bathroom sparkling clean! Even having a full roll of toilet paper instead of a partial roll has been shown to make a buyer feel like your home is more welcoming, silly as it may sound. Oh and keep that toilet lid down!

Shut the shower curtain, hang up used towels or better yet, put towels in the hamper or in the laundry room. Put away personal items like curling irons, medicine bottles, make up etc.

Make the beds, clean up the kitchen, before every showing! But don’t turn down a showing if you failed to do these things, simply see if your realtor will be willing to run over there and do it for you before the buyer comes to visit! ¬†I have done this many times over the years for my buyers!

Throw open those shutters and curtains and let the sunshine in! Even on cloudy days you’re home will appear much warmer and more welcoming when you let the outside in!

Eliminate Distractions

Take down personal photos and awards! Yes this means even kids drawings on the refrigerator! Buyers will come in and go straight to your photographs to see who lives there, all the while missing the gorgeous crown molding! Unless you have a savvy real estate agent showing your home who knows how to distract them and keep them focused on the home, they will be focused on you and who is a part of your family! This is not what you want to happen at this time!

Most people love animals but it can be very distracting when someone is trying to look at your home and your dog is jumping up on their leg! If you can’t remove your pets, then crate them during the showing preferably in the garage so incessant barking or other noise won’t be distracting as well.

Hire A Pro

And last, hire a professional real estate agent to market and show your home! It’s been proven over the years that for sale by owners end up netting over 15% less than they would have by going with a professional realtor and paying the marketing fee!

For more tips on showing your home and getting it ready to sale ,please call me I’m always willing to help! Let my 30+ years experience work for you!

~Janie Marksberry, Broker/Owner Marksberry Real Estate, LLC 270-244-0040

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