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Do You Have Questions About My Flat Rate Fee Program?

Flat Rate Fee

I’ve had a lot of questions about my exclusive Flat Rate Fee listing program.  Here are the common ones: Why did I do it? Will the houses sell? Are there any other fees to selling agents?   Will other Realtors show the house? The Why: I developed this …

Accentuate The Positive When You Can’t Eliminate The Negative

Accentuate The Positive!

OR… Fix the things you CAN to offset the things you CAN’T! There are many things that can keep a home from selling that are beyond your control. For example, your home could be located in a flood zone, requiring extra flood insurance every year in ad …

You’re Asking WHAT?

How Much?

“How Much Are You Asking For This Home?” How many times have I heard that as a Real Estate Professional? It is the first question a potential buyer will ask me when they inquire about a home. The answer is “We” aren’t asking anything. The Seller sets t …

Who will give me 5, now 10, How about Market Price?

I have grown up in a family of auctioneers and attended many auctions in my day.  I am the only Realtor and Appraiser in my family who chose not to obtain my auctioneers license.  Let me explain. It has always surprised me that a homeowner would surren …